A-List Copywriting Secrets – David Deutsch

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A-List Copywriting Secrets reveals how to write better copy that gets response and sales – or get better copy from staff or freelancers.


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A-List Copywriting Secrets – David Deutsch

A-List Copywriting Secrets

A-List Copywriting Secrets, my brand-new copywriting course, reveals how to write better copy that gets response and sales – or get better copy from staff or freelancers.

If you’re a copywriter, watching these videos will enable you to take your copy to the next level – thereby leaving your competition in the dust and commanding higher fees and royalties.

If you’re a marketer, even if you don’t want to write copy yourself (and you probably should), it will give you the concepts, understanding and insight required to get MUCH better copy from your freelance or in-house writers and leave your competitors wondering what hit them.

But naturally, the program is not just videos.

To really drive home the lessons in these videos, I combined them with a series of simple exercises that, when you complete them, give you a finished sales letter for any product or service.

I’ve also given you a window into the kind of thinking and techniques that go into the creation of real-world, world-class promotions by including detailed notes for some of my most successful promotions ever.

And since this program is just being announced, for a VERY limited time you’ll have the opportunity to get special live group coaching from me personally. I’ll be answering questions and expanding on not only what’s in the program, but also my most advanced copywriting and persuasion techniques.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll experience in each module of A-LIST COPYWRITING SECRETS…

DAY 1: Part 1: The Structure of Copy

DAY 1: Part 2: What Makes Great Copy?

DAY 1: Part 3: The Secrets of Copy Strategy

DAY 2: Part 1: Discover What Really Makes Your Prospects Tick

DAY 2: Part 2: Understanding Why They Buy

DAY 2: Part 3: How to Write Compelling Stories

DAY 2: Part 4: The Journey to Provoking Action

DAY 3: Part 1: Headlines and Bullet Secrets

DAY 3: Part 2: Headlines and Bullet Secrets (Continued…)

DAY 3: Part 3: The Body: Keeping the Reader’s Reading and Viewers Viewing

DAY 3: Part 4: The Close: Getting the Sale

DAY 4: Part 1: The Power of the Creative Brief

DAY 4: Part 2: How to Make Good Copy Even Better

DAY 4: Part 3: Questions and Answers

This Is for YOU If…

If your income depends on copy in any way, you can’t afford to be without this program. Especially if…

  • You’re a beginning copywriter who wants to get up to speed FAST
  • You’re an intermediate copywriter who wants to jump up a level or two
  • You’re an advanced copywriter looking for an edge
  • You’re a business owner who wants to write great copy
  • You’re a marketer who wants better copy from freelancers or your in-house copywriter
  • You need to improve your persuasion or sales skills

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