Business Bootcamp V – The Futur

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This 7-week masterclass equips you with tools and strategies to confront your biggest challenges and cause major breakthroughs not just in your professional life, but also your personal life. Students have seen major shifts in their mindset after just two weeks.


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Real-World Business Education and Coaching in Business

Share, learn, and grow together.

Chris Do, Ben Burns, and Matthew Encina—the minds behind Business Bootcamp—have a combined 44 years of agency experience working with big-name brands like Nike, Sony, and Google. They have successfully generated millions in revenue and continuously land high-six-figure projects. Simply said: these guys know what’s up.

And yet, great businesses are built. How do they come out on top?

When you’re building a business bigger than your expectation, that’s when the growing pains kick in. You feel like you’ve hit a wall—hard. You’re stumped. Every hurdle you’ve crossed before seems like pure luck, and every obstacle in front of you is plastered with Stop Signs. What’s keeping you from getting back up?

Business revenue isn’t growing—or worse, it’s staying in the same place, month over month. The growth you’ve sought-just isn’t coming to fruition. But how? You have clients, projects, and you’re still in business, so you must be doing something right. What could you be missing?

You’ve tried to go for bigger, better projects, but that’s proven to be easier said than done. Other creative entrepreneurs, who provide the same services as you, are charging double, triple, or even quadruple what you’re charging, and landing those projects. Does the thought of attempting the same feel paralyzing?

What You Will Gain

  • Pricing strategies that help you earn more for your services
  • Project management techniques to effectively delegate tasks within your team
  • Negotiation skills that easily land bigger clients
  • Resilience in the face of objections

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