Forex Pro Trader Program – Young Trader Wealth

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Forex Pro Trader Program – Young Trader Wealth

Forex Pro Trader Program

Forex Pro Trader Program – The most complete trading course available.
The Forex Pro Trader Program is the most regarded online trading course due to its step by step approach of FX trading. With hundreds of verified reviews, this program has helped retail traders get to an institutional level.

What is it?

Inside this course, you’ll learn exactly all the steps that have allowed me to make foreign exchange trading my career and main income. I will show you how to trade FX by minimizing risks and making large profits.

Who is it for?

For people looking to create a new source of income from financial trading, looking to put their money to work, and/or looking to pursue a career in the world of finance. This program is suited to complete beginners but also to advanced traders looking for consistency or lacking profitability.

The advantages of the forex pro trader program:

  • Never keep your questions unanswered again! Benefit from a direct chat access to the mentor throughout the program to achieve your goals as quickly as possible. Also, join a community of ambitious traders, share with them, ask your questions and build a network that can change your life.
  • The Forex Pro Trader Program is a step by step process teaching you exactly how to become a profitable and consistent trader starting from zero. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced trader, the course’s detailed instructions will allow you to reach profitability seamlessly.
  • The Forex Pro Trader Program is not only a theoretical course. It’s also and MAINLY a practical course, where applying what you learn on live markets is the number one goal. Every concept and system you will learn is demonstrated on actual real markets. No unnecessary textbook fluff.
  • After finishing the program and if you feel like it could add value to you, benefit from a unique monthly discount of -35% to the Pro Analysis Service.
  • This program is not only made of video lessons. You can download powerful tools, systems and cheat-sheets created specifically for this program to get your trading to a professional level.
  • Exclusive Content that has never been released elsewhere. After hundreds of verified reviews, the Forex Pro Trader Program was awarded 4.8/5 on Trustpilot.

Join now and you’ll get all this:

  • Strong Basics of the Forex Market
  • How to Setup your Accounts and Charting Software
  • Most Used Websites and Softwares for Traders
  • Advanced Technical and Fundamental Analysis
  • Actively Trading Data Releases and News
  • Using Unweighted Indices for Opportunities
  • My Personal Trading Plan and Entry Rules
  • Risk Management used in Financial Institutions
  • Position Sizing Tools
  • How to Hedge and Manage Drawdown
  • How to Control Psychology
  • Adapting your Trading to your Personal Life
  • Keeping a Track Record
  • Where the Big Money is and How to get there
  • Adding Size to your Profitable Trades
  • Backtesting Tools
  • Using my Arbitrage Model to Find FX Opportunities
  • Personal Excel Sheets & Tools to Download and Use
  • Tips and Personal Experience to Grow in Finance
  • Direct Assistance throughout your Learning

Also Includes:

  • Get access to current topics and trader’s setups
  • Get advice and feedback from Elliot and other members
  • Get all your specific questions answered
  • Become a member of like-minded traders
  • Lifetime Access

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