G7FX – Pro Course

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G7FX – Pro Course – Learn the advanced trading skills & tools required to maximize your profits throughout a long trading career.


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G7FX – Pro Course

G7FX – Pro Course

G7FX – Pro Course – Take your trading skills to the highest level with the G7FX Pro Course.

Learn the advanced trading skills & tools required to maximize your profits throughout a long trading career

After 3-6 months at a professional trading firm, you will typically be introduced to more advanced volume analysis. So we do the same and follow that same timetabling.

I went through this exact process myself many years ago so am best placed to guide you as you work your way through the footprint, volume profile and ultimately the VWAP in the Pro Course.

All this is done on charts as we move away from the DOM. However, as you will have spent several months learning raw price data in the Foundation Course your understanding of these tools we now use exclusively on charts should by now be up there with the very best institutional traders in the world.

As with the DOM, if you were to try and purchase a footprint you would be paying £1,250 minimum. I have custom built a professional footprint better than anything in the open marketplace and am happy to provide it to you completely free in the Pro course.

I provide these tools to you for free because when I said I believe everyone should be given the same opportunity the very best traders in the world were given when they started their careers; I meant it.

We finish the Pro Course by developing edge and getting you on the simulator. Again, this is exactly how a professional firm operates. The Pro Course should take about 3 months, again depending on your schedule.

Course Curriculum

Introduction To The Pro Course

Stage 1: Context (AMT)

1.1 AMT 1 (Intro) (1:48:21)

1.2 AMT 2 (Supply Side Dominance) (1:34:24)

1.3 AMT 3 (Balance vs Imbalance) (1:48:33)

1.4 AMT 4 (Measuring Probability) (2:21:10)

1.5 Market/Volume Profile Part 1 (2:35:26)

1.6 Market/Volume Profile Part 2 (Task 1) (2:37:09)

1.7 Market/Volume Profile Part 3 (Task 2) (3:15:14)

G7FX Stage 1 Profile Chartbook

Stage 2: Hypothesis Building (VWAP & Profile)

2.1 Intro To VWAP (1:45:36)

2.2 VWAP Practical – Part 1 (1:24:11)

2.3 VWAP Practical – Part 2 (Task 3) (1:40:52)

2.4 Static Vs Dynamic Value Part 1 (1:37:21)

2.5 How I Enter & Exit (35:29)

2.6 Static Vs Dynamic Value Part 2 (Task 4) (1:57:17)

2.7 Value Migration & Live Trading Examples (Task 6) (2:28:32)

G7FX Stage 2 VWAP AND Profile Chartbook

Stage 3: Orderflow (Footprint & CD)

3.1 Intro to Cumulative Delta (1:10:08)

3.2 Cumulative Delta Practical (Task 5) (2:10:22)

3.3 Intro to Footprint (7:22)

3.4 Footprint Basics (33:00)

3.5 Further Footprint Example (23:21)

3.6 Time Vs Non Time Based Charts (1:14:05)

3.7 Understanding Delta Stats (1:03:38)

3.8 Installation & What To Look For (50:09)

3.9 Footprint Live Example (1:16:06)

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