Reading The Tape – SMB Training Program

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Reading The Tape – Your guide to developing the crucial skill of tape reading for new, developing and experienced traders.


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Reading The Tape – SMB Training Program

Reading The Tape

Reading The Tape – Your guide to developing the crucial skill of tape reading for new, developing and experienced traders.
Reading the Tape offers you a look at the market from the most basic perspective – supply and demand – so that you gain an edge as an intraday trader. When you read the tape you can determine whether a stock is likely to go up or down from its present price by looking stickily at the bids, the offers, and the prints.

Here’s How You Will Learn:

  • Watch dozens of videos of real trades recorded with voice over to explain how to Read the Tape. We start with the basics and then progress to more complex examples. Stop/pause/rewind the videos and learn at your own pace.
  • Read Written Lectures from our head trader and partners with real trading examples of Reading the Tape. These written lectures will give you the blueprint for developing this vital skill.
  • Attend Live Mentoring Meetings. This give you an inside look at tape reading examples happening in the market that very day.
  • Review The Tape Reading Video Library On-Demand for 90 Days. The optional library includes recorded videos of group mentoring sessions of our desk watching the tape together. 60+ videos of our desk watching film together is available to you.
  • Junior traders provide recorded videos of trading that highlights important principles of Reading the Tape, with partners and senior traders leading these sessions. A written summary is provided on each video highlighting what you will learn and where with each video.
  • [Optional] Accelerate Your Skill Development with One-on-One Mentoring. You have the option of working directly with a pro trader at SMB who can breath life into these strategies by helping you bridge the concepts of the course directly into your trading account.

This course  Will Help You:

  • Learn the most important tool of the best active intraday traders
  • Use a leading indicator, not a lagging indicator – charts
  • Enter at better prices to improve your risk/reward
  • Spot trades on the tape not seen on charts
  • Develop the skills necessary to participate in the most volatile markets and stocks
  • Improve your trading consistency
  • Dramatically advance your personal Sharpe Ratio

What’s Included:

  • The Training Program
  • Access to dozens of trading videos
  • Several exclusive lecture transcripts
  • Live Group Mentoring
  • Broadcasted In-House Meetings with SMB Traders
  • Bonus 60+ Video Library of Trading Guides
  • Watch Real Trades, Real Traders, Real Money at Risk
  • See Critical Feedback on Trades executed from Reading The Tape

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