Testing Laravel by Spatie

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Testing Laravel by Spatie – Learn how to automatically test your Laravel app using PHPUnit and Pest.


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Testing Laravel by Spatie

Testing Laravel

Testing Laravel by Spatie – Learn how to automatically test your Laravel app using PHPUnit and Pest

Are you…

  • Testing forms by submitting them over and over?
  • Confused how to start testing a Laravel app?
  • Struggling testing specific functionality?

Learn how to write quality tests in Pest and PHPUnit


  • Learn best practices for testing Laravel applications
  • Ship less bugs to production and refactor stuff with confidence
  • Watch +6 hours of video on both Pest and PHPUnit
  • See the full TOC
  • Get access to our demo application with test suites
  • Learn how to convert an existing PHPUnit test suite to Pest
  • Participate in our private Q&A on Oct. 7th 2021

Testing is a fundamental skill for every developer. In this course you’ll learn how to write quality tests to make sure your Laravel application is working correctly.


Before continuing, learn more about why testing your applications is so important.

You will learn how to write a test suite from scratch. We’ll cover how to make sure your homepage works, how you can test form submissions, what the different types of tests are, and much more!


After we’ve covered the basics, we’ll show you how to tests policies, middlewares, controllers, mails, views, and all kinds of features. We’ll cover snapshots testing, pragmatic mocks, how to test domain code, how to set up CI, and much more.


Pest is the new kid on the block in the PHP testing world that focuses on stellar developer experience. It’s rapidly rising in popularity, and we believe it’ll only grow in the near future. That’s why we’ve recorded our entire course twice: first with PHPUnit, then with Pest and all the awesome features it has to offer.

We’ll also show you how to convert an existing PHPUnit test suite to Pest.


Brent Roose

To say that Brent is passionated by PHP is an understatement. He moderates /r/php and already wrote 3 books: Event Sourcing in Laravel, Laravel Beyond CRUD and Front Line PHP. He’s a developer at Spatie and blogs at

Freek Van der Herten

Freek has created countless popular Laravel and PHP packages. He has a passion for spreading his knowledge via his well-respected blog, user groups, conference talks, and streams on his YouTube channel. He is a developer and partner at Spatie. After hours, he also organises the Laravel Worldwide Meetup and the Full Stack Europe conference.

Both Brent and Freek work at Spatie, a web development agency that crafts web applications, courses & open source packages in the Laravel ecosystem.

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