The Last Amazon Course – Brock Johnson

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The Last Amazon Course – The Ultimate Online Course For Selling Products on Amazon.



The Last Amazon Course – Brock Johnson

The Last Amazon Course

The Last Amazon Course – The Ultimate Online Course For Selling Products on Amazon

All The Tools You Need To Start A Business

The Amazon Machine Explained

  • The Business Model – A to Z Breakdown of the Amazon Business Model For Beginners
  • The Amazon Algorithm – Exactly How Amazon Ranks Products
  • The Human Algorithm – A person will buy your product. You need to understand people

100x Return Product Checklist

  • 70 Ways To Find Products – Find opportunities nobody else is thinking about.
  • 100x Return Criteria – Checklist I use to Choose Products (My Best return was 436x).
  • Product Failure Checklist – I learned from failure. Never Source A Failing Product Again

Manufacturing Highest Quality Products

  • Manufacturers – How to find the Best Manufacturers in the world to make your products.
  • Supplier Negotiation Template to get the best Price and Quality
  • Shipping – Ship Directly from your manufacturer to the Amazon warehouse.

Creating A Best-Seller Listing

  • Photos – Hollywood Photos for cheap taught by A Professional Photography Company
  • Amazon SEO – Write your Listing exactly the way Amazon wants to see it.
  • Reviews – Proven System To Get 5 Star Product Reviews and Prevent Negative Reviews

Ranking Your Product At The Top

  • Product Launch – How to go from zero sales to the top of Amazon
  • Amazon Advertising – How To Set Up and Run Profitable Amazon Ads – Free Money!
  • Ranking – Strategies to ensure your products stay at the top of search results

Law & Scaling From A Microsoft Lawyer**

  • Create A Business – How To Set Up Your Business From A Ex-Microsoft Lawyer
  • Taxes – Save Thousands of dollars on taxes Every Year (or Tens of Thousands!)
  • Outsourcing – A man from Utah only works 10 hours a week. He Teaches us how.

This course has literally everything you need to go from knowing nothing about Amazon to selling successfully and scaling it to 7 and 8 figures.

What You Get Inside The Last Amazon Course

  • 375+ Videos
  • Step by Step Guides
  • Frameworks
  • Templates
  • Checklist
  • Frequent Updates
  • Exclusive Livestreams**

Who Is Brock?

I’m Brock. I’m 27 years old. I like Alpacas.

I Started Selling On The Internet at 12 Years Old. But that doesn’t mean I was successful. I tried it all and learned a lot along the way.

In 2014 I started selling on Amazon and it finally worked. I haven’t looked back since. I have sold over 5,000 different products to over 1M customers as a seller on Amazon.

My name to fame is that I built a brand and sold 6 Million Dollars on Amazon in 6 months with a starting budget of $7,500.

I put my time l his effort into the product instead of the marketing. As a result, I spend 1.5 years creating the content not focusing on marketing at all. If the product is amazing, the demand will follow.

I share strategies that have proved to work for me over the years.

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