Web Design Business Course – Josh Hall

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Web Design Business Course – Learn how to build (or level up) your own profitable, successful web design business.



Web Design Business Course – Josh Hall

Web Design Business Course

Web Design Business Course – Learn how to build (or level up) your own profitable, successful web design business.

Want to build your own successful freelance web design business?

This is your course!

It’s your fast track to building a profitable, sustainable, successful web design business.

What You Learn Inside

  • Learn the ins and outs of building a 6-figure web design business
  • Learn how to get better clients and raise your pricing
  • Gain the freedom to work when, where and how you want
  • Avoid the hassle of creating your own contracts, proposals, questionnaires & scripts
  • Avoid piece-mealing your business together with random, scattered resources
  • Avoid years of wasted time, energy and money by learning lessons the hard way on your own

This Course is for:

  • Beginners: If you’re just starting out and don’t know where to begin, this course will help you build a successful business from the ground up.
  • Side Hustlers: If you have a part time web design business or side hustle and want to take it full time, this course will empower you to make that leap to full time freelancer
  • Freelancers: If you’re already a full time web design freelancer but want to build a true web design business, this course will help take you to the next level.

Meet Your Guide

When I got into web design, I was just hoping to make enough money on the side to pay my bills and eventually decided to take my web design business full time. I’ve since then grown my business from a part-time side hustle ($12k in 2011) now to a full time, 6-figure freelance web design business with a growing, remote team.

When I started however, I didn’t have a guide; I learned the hard/time-consuming way by failing, fumbling through projects, keeping my rates too low, etc. I struggled to build my business for far too long which is why I’m so passionate about sharing what I’ve learned the hard way with you so you can build your business fast and effectively.

I’ve also invested in thousands of dollars of business coaching which is filtered down directly to you through this course, an in-depth training guide on how to build a 6-figure web design business (modeled after mine) which you can apply to build and grow your own successful, freelance web design business or agency!

– Josh Hall – Owner & Creative Director of In Transit Studios & Elegant Themes Blog Author

Course Overview

All lessons are videos accompanied by written posts, links and additional resources. The course contains 6 main modules with 30 lessons & 32 videos at 12 + total hours of video. Additional trainings & webinars contain 5 lessons with 5 + hours of additional video training!

  • Module 1 – Preparing & Setting Up Your Business
  • Module 2 – Docs, Templates & Pages
  • Module 3 – Sales, Pricing & Getting Clients
  • Module 4 – Onboarding & Project Management
  • Module 5 – Revisions, Client Training & Off Boarding
  • Module 6 – Growing Your Business
  • Module 7 – Downloads & Resources
  • Module 8 – Webinars & Additional Training

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