WordPress Speed Optimization Courses

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WordPress Speed Optimization Courses – Welcome to my special bootcamp for learning how to speed up WordPress sites….


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WordPress Speed Optimization Courses – WPJohnny

WordPress Speed Optimization Courses

WordPress Speed Optimization Courses – Welcome to my special bootcamp for learning how to speed up WordPress sites.

  • Learn how to speed up sites (like a pro).
  • Make money optimizing for clients.
  • Save time learning from (one of) the best in speed optimization.

My courses will help you speed up sites with mostly minimal effort. They are easy enough to learn by anyone (yes, even non-coders). However…the advanced course requires some coding familiarity. They are meant more as a directional guide to hire a dev to do the work for you.

The courses are taught through short 5-20 minute videos. Easily digested for quick learning. New lessons and topics will be added to over time, as decided by me and/or requested by members.

Course Content


  • Advice for site speed consultants
  • Diagnosing site speed
  • Setting site to neutral
  • Resolving console & PHP errors
  • Choosing good themes & plugins
  • Mitigating commonly bloated plugins
  • Safe cache configuration
  • Reduce external asset requests
  • Post optimization steps


  • Ideal webhosting settings
  • MySQL database optimizations
  • CSS/JS asset optimization
  • Media optimization (images & videos)
  • Font loading tips
  • Lightweight security recommendations
  • Replacing bloated theme and plugins
  • Intermediate caching strategies
  • Handling redirects


  • Server architecture
  • Server-tuning
  • Coding & refactoring themes
  • Custom plugin development
  • Large media library
  • Advanced caching strategies
  • CDN & edge-caching
  • Aggressive font optimization
  • Server security & Hack recovery

Who is this course for?

The BASIC & INTERMEDIATE courses are meant for almost anyone (comfortable with WordPress) to speed up their WordPress sites. If you know where typical WordPress settings and files are, and can follow instructions, you’ll be fine.

The ADVANCED course is for dev-level users or those good enough to follow complex guides and hack around in PHP. If you are neither of those, then you can use my strategy to hire developers and admins/engineers to execute for you.

The course teaches the process of speed optimization. How to diagnose and solve many problem areas in slow sites. You learn not only what to do but why, and a bit of the foundational knowledge driving those decisions.

You will most certainly be able to speed up sites and *WOW* your clients. This course really is a phenomenal value considering how much you can learn and earn with it.

But to be a true speed optimization expert, you need lots of real world experience and familiarity with many software and hosting stacks. Experience allows you to intuitively guess where problems are, whereas everybody else is just poking blindly. The skill is not only in the ability but the speed at which you accomplish the task.

Knowing where the problems are is only half the battle. The other half is having technical knowledge to make code fixes, or server-tuning. But usually…you need these skills in the first place to be able to guess where problems are. Funny, right? So my courses are really meant only as a shortcut way to do things.

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